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No matter what your age or what you are studying, we are ready to connect you to nature! 

A few fan favorites are:

Amazing Animals: This program highlights an animal from each of our five popular animal groups: a mammal, a bird, a reptile, an amphibian, and an arthropod.

Birds of Prey: Check out some of our bird residents! Program includes Sophie the Great-horned Owl, Ollie the Barred Owl and Hank the Red-tailed Hawk. Get up close and personal with these high-flying species and learn what makes birds special in the world of animals.

We offer a wide variety of programs and are always incorporating new materials. If you don't see a standard program that works for you, please contact us to discuss a more specialized program. 

While most programs are designed for elementary school students, they can be adapted and refined for an older audience, so please call us if you see something you like for a different age group. 

Questions about group size, where to eat lunch, and our weather policy, etc.? Check out this Field Trip Guidelines to answer most questions.  

Important Information:
Please have alternate dates and times available when you call to book a program. Programs usually require 1.5 hours at Tanglewood (this generally includes a live animal presentation, a museum tour and a guided hike), or 40-50 minute live animal presentation at your location. 
If you need to cancel, we need 72 hours notice for programs scheduled in our busy time between April 1st through August 31st, and 24 hours notice will suffice for programs that occur between September 1st and March 30th. We will charge you for the program if you cancel outside of that timeline. Tanglewood does not cancel due to normal inclement weather (but we do follow the Elmira City Schools Winter Closings), so please be sure all participants are dressed properly to explore our site for around 30 minutes in the rain/snow/heat. Appropriate clothing consists of sturdy boots or close-toed shoes, warm clothing, and rain gear if necessary - clothes that can get dirty! Upon arrival, proceed to the Nature Center Building. 

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