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Board of Directors

Executive Board:
Janet Chilson, President
Claire Warren-Ginnan, Vice President

Cathy Bachman, Treasurer
Irene Brookins, Secretary

Board of Directors Members:
Nicole Barton
Dr. William Bishop
Paul DiPietro
Hope Fenton
Matthew Fenton
Kelly Field
Victoria Ehlen
Rich Gridley
Josh Latterell

Tina MacRonald

Angela May

Scott Moore

Non-Board Committee Members:
Gerry Caruso
Donna Homuth
Bob Norton
Bonnie Schweizer
Lucy Schewizer
Lynn Smith

Interested in serving on our Board of Directors or on one of our Committees (see list of committees below)? 
Click here for BOD application and email to: tanglewooddirector@outlook.com

Serving on the Board of Directors offers opportunities for expanding your network, exploring new professional skills ranging from budget management to personnel policies to investments, and ongoing professional development. Plus - it's rewarding to take a leadership role in protecting over 300 acres of land, and reaching over 35,000 people in seven counties of NY and PA! 

Members of our Board of Directors have the following responsibilities:

  • attending Board Meetings, scheduled on the last Wednesday of the month at 8:00am
  • joining and serving on at least one committee (more info below)
  • remaining active, dues-paying members of Tanglewood, at the membership level of their choice
  • attending the annual fundraiser, and selling tickets to their personal and professional networks
  • advocating for the organization and being eager to talk to their friends, families, and communities about the work Tanglewood does

Committees generally meet once a month for an hour, and meeting times vary depending on the schedules of the committee members.  Board members should plan for an average monthly commitment of about 2-4 hours preparing for Board meetings, reviewing minutes, and participating in committees, plus a significant annual time commitment in outreach and networking on behalf of Tanglewood - including attending and enjoying the annual fundraiser with your friends! 

Committees include: Fund Development, Board Development, Human Resources, Facilities and Trails and our Ad Hoc Children's Trail. 

Curious about what duties a Board member has? Check out this overview from the New York State Charities Bureau: it covers questions to ask before joining, explains the legal duties of care, loyalty, and obedience, and more!                 

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