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More than 10 miles of hiking trails...
More than 40 different animal species to visit and learn from...
More than 30,000 children educated in 2019...
Close to 50 years in the Finger Lakes...

...and we're still growing strong! Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum has more to offer 
to the Twin Tiers and Finger Lakes regions than ever.

We are a not-for-profit nature center with two trail systems in Elmira, NY. Our mission is "to 
lead and support education and preservation efforts in our region to achieve a heightened awareness, understanding, and caring for our natural environment." We hope you'll join us,
because the last forty years shown us again and again what a great community we have:
from the tiniest spring peeper to our brawniest trail maintenance volunteers, each member 
helps makes Tanglewood the best place to be - naturally!

If you're interested in Tanglewood's history - how the land was previously used and acquired, the founding members and volunteers, and how we grew - please enjoy our history as recorded by Dr. Ralph Moore

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