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For every uphill climb, there is a downhill cruise. And that’s what this trail race is all about.

Run it. Hike it. Crawl it on all fours. A family-friendly 5k for families who like climbing hills, crossing creeks and spotting wildlife. A challenging 10k with more elevation and a sweet view of the Chemung River. 

Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum invites trail-goers to come out and Run For The Hills on Saturday, July 22nd, 2023. 

All proceeds support Tanglewood’s efforts to fulfill its mission by maintaining over ten miles of trails, offering educational programming for children and adults, providing homes in its exhibits for more than 40 native and exotic animals, and welcoming over 35,000 visitors a year.

10k course map and 5k course map are linked here for your review (both are PDFs). 

Register for the race here: RunSignup.com

Information For Runners:

Greetings Runners! Run For The Hills is Saturday, July 22nd, and we are so excited to see you at Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum!

Location: 443 Coleman Ave. Elmira, NY 14903

Bib pick-up: Opens at 7:00 am at the Start/Finish line, in the field behind the lodge building.

Pre-Race meeting for both distances: 7:50 am at the Start line

10k start time: 8:00 am

5k start time: 8:05 am

Awards: 8:45 am and 9:30 am

Parking: Lot flow will be modified for race day. Look for parking volunteers to direct you in our lot. We will be blocking off one side of our parking lot loop to accommodate our racecourse. However, this blockade will be removed at 8:30 am and will not affect your ability to exit the lot when you are finished running.

Restrooms: Located in the lodge and museum buildings.

Conditions:  Plan for varied (dry, soggy or slick!) trail conditions. The Tanglewood trails can hold a lot of water in certain places, even if it hasn’t rained for a few days. Plan your gear accordingly.

Trail Hazards: Trail hazards in our woods are insects (including ticks and mosquitos), animals (including rattlesnakes), rough footing (including rocks and roots), and mud. Please maintain awareness of your surroundings at all times. Trail races of every distance require more attention than a road race.

Injuries: If you become injured, stay on-trail and notify the nearest/next runner to inform the closest course marshal. We have radio and cell communications on the course and the marshals and aid station are your best resources. We have 3 trained medical volunteers onsite for your safety, and 6 course-marshal locations. 

Post-race Refreshments: We will have snacks and drinks available after the race at the pavilion near the Start line.

Awards and Prizes: To be announced.

Course Maps: Please check course maps in advance of race day. The courses are the same as last year’s (2021) but are different from the previous Tanglefoot courses. With staggered start waves and two distances running, there are a lot of intersections.

*5k runners will be following PINK flags and ground markings.

*10k runners will be following YELLOW flags and ground markings, THEN a last loop on BLUE flags and ground markings. 

Course maps are posted above at the top of the page.

See you on the Tanglewood trails! *If you experience Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) or have trouble distinguishing one color from another, please contact Cathy, the RD, at cbachman@xgenpharmadjb.com to talk about how we can make your race experience easier and safer. 

Thank you very much to our sponsors for their support!


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