Staff, Board Members, and Committees 



Elaine with Minerva ("Mini") the Cooper's Hawk

Elaine Spacher, Executive Director

Joined us January 2003


Our Executive Director is Elaine Spacher. In addition to being a bluebird expert, she is a visionary 

leader and has guided Tanglewood through a period of extraordinary growth. When Elaine is not networking, initiating new programs in line with educational standards, and organizing new community events, you can contact her about scheduling school programs or to chat about our signature Meg 

Lowman Camp -- a weeklong program for girls that builds confidence, character, and STEM skills. 


Scott with Bernice, the Sulcata Tortoise

Scott Jackson, Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor

Joined us May 2016


Scott is our Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor, and manages our two trail systems and hundreds of acres of property. If you have questions or concerns about our facility, or wish to get involved with trail maintenance -- Scott is the one in the know. 

Deanna with Lucy, the Barred Owl 

Deanna O'Brian, Office Manager

Joined us February 2011

As Office Manager, Deanna oversees the daily operations and keeps us in line! Deanna coordinates 

educational programs, schedules birthday parties and private events, enrolls campers and collects health information, and is generally your best bet with any question you may have. Deanna also manages 

memberships and our weekly email newsletter.




Ian with Sugar the Bunny 

Ian McLaughlin, Naturalist and Educator

Joined us January 2006

Ian is resident naturalist and educator at Tanglewood. If you schedule an educational program, you're 

likely to benefit from Ian's years of experience with all animal groups and ecosystems! He is 

particularly great with school and Scouting groups. And if there's a mysterious animal track or 

sighting in your yard, Ian's your best bet for identification. 


Bridget and Hank, our Red-Tailed Hawk


Bridget Sharry, Community Relations Manager

emails: and

Joined us January 2014


As Community Relations Manager, Bridget coordinates volunteers, supervises interns, and handles the 

marketing and public relations strategies for Tanglewood. If you are interested in volunteering or 

applying for an internship, call or email anytime! In a marketing capacity, Bridget is eager to reach 

new audiences and share the wonderful work that we do with your community. She is the current coordinator for weddings at Tanglewood.

Laine and Gray Jay

Laine Sempler, Curator, Educator & Camp Director

Joined us September 2014

In addition to her work as an educator here, Laine is also our Curator and our Camp Director. As 

Curator, Laine designs and updates our museum and exhibit halls, and manages our animals -- she 

oversees their health, enrichment, and the acquisition of new animals. As Camp Director, Laine hires 

and supervises our seasonal staff and ensures that all our campers have a safe, fun, educational and 

nature-based summer!

Board and Staff Committees:

  • Membership
  • Programs/Exhibits
  • Marketing
  • Facilities
  • Fundraising
  • Nominating
  • Human Resources

Tanglewood's Executive Board:

  • Kintu Early, President
  • Linda Hillman, Vice President
  • Frank Gudas, Secretary
  • Lauren Little, Treasurer
  • Duane Saxton, Bev Morrell

Board Members:

Michael Bono

Bob Butcher

Dean Butts
Janet Chilson
Jim Emmick
Jake Hover

Lauren Little
Merrill Lynn

Anthony Pagano
Linda Roessler

Brandon Saylor
Bonnie Schweizer
Paul Schweizer

Linn Smith

Corey Stilts
Roger TenEyck
Ray Thweatt

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