Spring Break Camp

 What to expect at Spring Break Camp?

You can expect a variety of different weather.  This is New York State where it can change minute to minute, so please make sure that your kids are prepared for any kind of weather.  Also, you can expect a fair amount of outdoor time for your kids.  Nature is the best classroom we have and it gives your child a refreshing new perspective on learning.  Finally, you can expect that it might be a long day for your kids.  Please make sure the get plenty of rest at night.

  What ages can register?
Completed Kindergarten through 5th grade.

What is a typical day?

A typical day usually starts with a daily brain jog, where we play a wake up activity to get your kids warmed up.  Then, we usually head outside immediately, if the weather is nice.  If the weather looks bad, then we will stay inside and have a live animal show, or theme related arts/crafts.  There are some programs, like Fishing Week, where no matter the weather (unless sleet, thunder/lightening, torrential downpours) you should expect that your kids will be outside quite a bit.  We have lunch around Noon.  Then, later in the afternoon, we often do arts/crafts and play games, and hike.


What to Bring?

Pack a lunch, a snack will be provided.
Proper clothing (rain jacket, sun tan lotion, hat, NO FLIP FLOPS).

A good attitude.


To Pay Online:
You must be a member first to sign up for camp, with a valid email address. If you are not a member please click here to sign up for a family membership. You will receive an email once you've been approved. If you are a member but do not have a valid email please call us at 607-732-6060 Tues.-Sat. 9am-4pm and ask for Deanna or Ian for help. Once you have become a member with an email address then you need a password. Fill in your email address in the upper right Login box at the top of the page and click the link for Forgot Password. A password will be emailed to you. You may change it at any time after that. Then you login as a member and sign up for camp. Thank You.

1) Scroll down to the bottom to pick out the week you want to register for. You can only sign up one week at a time. Click register.
2) Put in your membership email NOT your child's (must be a working email account you can check). Click Next. Fill in your phone numbers and other information. Click Next. Select the pay online option ONLY, NOT Manual, see step 3.
3) You must click the "Pay online" option ONLY, NOT manual, otherwise it won't work. You will be redirected to PayPal.com, a very secure internet site for using a credit card.
4) If you do not have a PayPal account simply click on the box that says "Not a PayPal member?" (located directly below the member sign in box) and follow their instructions. Once you're done you will receive a confirmation email.

Problems signing up online?
Questions can be sent to ianmclaughlin@stny.rr.com

choose your registration options carefully.

There are many options this year. Each day has a 10am-3pm option, and a 9am-4pm option. The prices will indicate your selection. $30/day for regular day, $40/day for extended day.
If you would like to sign up for the whole week, please do so in the first box for the discount. $120/week 10am-3pm, and $160/week for 9am-4pm

Upcoming events

No events available.

443 Coleman Ave. Elmira, NY 14903 | 9:00am-4:00pm Tuesday-Friday, and Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm | (607) 732-6060


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