Timber Rattlesnakes

Are there Timber Rattlesnakes at Tanglewood?
Yes, usually from June through mid-September, we do get Timber Rattlesnakes that travel onto our property. If you're hiking during those months, please be extra cautious. For a safe encounter with a live Timber Rattlesnake, please come view the one living on display in our Nature Center and Museum!

Are they venomous (poisonous)?
Yes, they are venomous. They are a non-aggressive snake, and they will not go out of their way to strike you. But do not test this, and do not get too close. Generally, they just like to sit in the sun and bask, but they do startle and slither off from time to time.

What should I do if I see a Timber Rattlesnake?
Do not touch them under any circumstances. Please notify an employee at the Nature Center, and let them know where you saw it, and how big it was. They are an endangered species. By law, you are not allowed to touch them, move them, or harm them. 
We have them and protect them because historically they are a part of our region. Since they are an endangered species, and we care deeply about preservation, we feel obligated to make sure that they do not go extinct.

What do I do in case I get bit?
First, don't panic. Call 911 immediately. Let them know what happened. They will be able to contact the local hospitals to see where to get anti-venom. You will want to get to a hospital to be treated with anti-venom as soon as possible. Remember: don't panic. 

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