Payment is due upon completion of program. You may pay with credit card, cash, or check in person, or over the phone with a credit card. If you have any questions about paying for a program, please call Deanna at 607-732-6060.



  • Pre-K classes with 20 or less students: $65 at Tanglewood, $75.00 In-School
    (Each additional youth: $3.25 Tanglewood/$3.75 in school)

  • Elementary and Secondary class groups of up to 20 youth: $75 at Tanglewood, $85.00 In-School
    (Each additional youth: $3.75 Tanglewood/$4.25 in school)

  • In-School assemblies $2.25/child, $175 minimum (for a minimum of 75 children)
  • Other not-for-profit program (libraries, churches, etc.) $65 (up to 30 people) at Tanglewood, $80.00 your site (up to 50 people), each additional $2.25 per person
  • Libraries (at Library) $70.00 flat rate


Payment is due when program is scheduled.

  • Scout groups $50.00 (up to 10 children) at Tanglewood, $60.00 your site (up to 10 children), $2.00 each additional child
  • Mileage fee TBD if program is 15 miles or more from Tanglewood.
  • After hours fee add $30.00
443 Coleman Ave. Elmira, NY 14903 | 9:00am-4:00pm Tuesday-Friday, and Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm | (607) 732-6060


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