Week 3
Feb. 13th-17th
Earth History, Fossils, and Geologic Time

Welcome to Nature Stars!
If you are reading this, then you are probably in one of my after school programs. I want this webpage to be a resource for you as we go through Session 3 this year. I am going to post general outlines and any additional notes or technology materials here so that you can access it at any time.

Part 1: Earth History and the Geologic Time Scale
When did the Earth form?
A: About 4.5 Billion Years Ago!

What is the Geologic Time Scale?
Why is it important?
What is the difference between an Eon, Era, Period, and Epoch?

  15 minute activity:
Let's work through the middle school flip books and fill in the Geologic Time Scale.
I want you to fill in the Lifeforms, Periods, and Years

Part 2: Fossils and Fossil Activity
What is a fossil?
How is it formed? Describe the 4 phases.
How many different types are there?
What can fossils tell us about past environments?

  15 minute activity:
Let's work through the middle school flip books and fill in the Fossils page.

Famous Paleontologists:
Click on the link below and pick one of the 10 famous paleontologists to research. Then, please click on the first link if there are multiple links.

When did they live? What country were they from?
What makes them famous?

Please record your answers in your Nature Journal from last week.
Put TODAY'S DATE, TIME, and WEATHER at the top every time.
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