Tanglewood Nature Center & Museum
443 Coleman Avenue
Elmira, NY 14903

telephone: (607) 732-6060

fax: (607) 732-6210


Contact us by email:


Elaine Spacher, Executive Director: elainems@stny.rr.com

Deanna O'Brian, Office Manager: soperd@stny.rr.com

Scott Jackson, Building and Grounds: facilities@stny.twcbc.com

Laine Sempler, Curator: curator@stny.twcbc.com

Ian McLaughlin, Naturalist: ianmclaughlin@stny.rr.com

Bridget Sharry, Community Relations Manager: marketing.tanglewood@gmail.com or volunteer.tanglewood@gmail.com

443 Coleman Ave. Elmira, NY 14903 | 9:00am-4:00pm Tuesday-Friday, and Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm | (607) 732-6060


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